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The smaller details and subtleties are what make you stand out from the crowd. And this applies to every design detail of your app and website. However, going after these details all the time is a tedious task, and it can be better handled with a design specification document. This blog revolves around this highly effective document, so let’s dive right in.

What are design specs?

Design specs (abbreviated from design specifications) are a blueprint for providing detailed information from designers to developers about the user interface details, design assets, possible user flow, and layouts, etc.

To elaborate, here is…

Apple knows how to make an entrance and the opening keynote of the WWDC 2021 that took place on 7th June was no different. It had everything for Apple’s line of devices from watchOS to macOS.

Although there were no new product announcements in this opening keynote, there are a few products that are awaiting upgrade like Macs with Apple M1X or M2 processors, which we can expect later this year.

Highlights From Apple’s June WWDC

The clear focus of this keynote was shared experiences and privacy. …

Have you ensured to follow WCAG 2.1 guidelines before building your website? You may be in for a rude awakening if your beautiful, meticulously planned website is inaccessible to people with disabilities.

You can begin by identifying your most pressing and easily remedied accessibility issues. This will reduce your risk of lawsuits and make an immediate difference for your disabled customers. Of course, this is only the first step in the process.

Consider this blog as an accessibility triage.

Why Web Accessibility is Vital

The first web accessibility ADA lawsuit occurred in 2017, and it went all the way to federal court. …

The latest update of Angular was released on May 12. It’s got a bunch of major changes that are essentially facilitating the Angular ecosystem’s transition to Ivy. They are calling it “Ivy Everywhere”. Deprecation of IE11 support along with other changes were also announced.

Let’s check out all these changes-

What is “Ivy Everywhere”

It means that the ‘View Engine’ will now be excluded in future releases. Existing libraries on View Engine will however still work with Ivy apps. …

Personalized communication, a friendly voice, and intuitive interaction are all essential components of application design.

Do you want to create a technologically advanced product that speaks to the hearts of your users? In this article, you’ll get a taste of the best UI/UX tips for mobile app design in 2021 and learn how they can help you increase sales and retain users.

The Importance of App Design In 2021

Simple, human-centered app design is essential for building long-term client relationships. Not long ago, having an appealing and distinctive product design was sufficient. However, times have changed. …

Do you wish to start an online business and would like to know how much it would cost? How we wish there was a simple answer to this question. Numerous factors come into play while developing an Ecommerce website, and each of them will have an impact on the overall cost.

You can overshoot your budget if you do not have a clear action plan. We have penned this blog to give you a clear idea of how much an Ecommerce website costs.

How to Estimate the Cost of Creating an Ecommerce Website?

Several factors contribute to the overall cost of developing an online store. In general, some Ecommerce stores…

So you’ve got a great mobile app idea and you’ve done your research to understand the competitive landscape. And you’re probably reading this because you’re well aware of the tech space and the potential it has to offer, but you also understand that you need the right mobile app development agency to unlock that potential.

But before you go about hiring an agency here are some things you need to do before starting your development journey. Any experienced agency will walk you through these steps.

In this blog we’ll cover what to do after you’ve finalized an app idea. …

Retaining your users is just as important as getting them on board for the first time. While curiosity could drive the initial engagements, sustaining those leads is another picture. Here’s where UX practices come into play. Gamification is one of the popular UX techniques that engage users within a challenge and reward cycle. It is primarily used in computer games but is also gaining popularity in the app development world as well.

In this blog, we’ll cover the top 3 gamification techniques to keep your user engaged.

1. Challenges

Sometimes people get lost in work when it’s challenging and fun. Most of…

Regardless of the stiff competition, WordPress has been growing steadily since its inception. It is constantly evolving with new trends and technologies.

Our blog uncovers the most significant WordPress trends that will help future-proof your business. As a business owner, adopting these practices can give you an edge over your competitors.

1. AI in CMS

Our lives are faster than ever. Chatbots, voice search, and other AI-powered utilities have become essential for our need for speed.

Modern CMS platforms are now equipped with AI-powered functionalities that seamlessly integrate backend to a website’s front-end. …

Businesses are ruled by customers and what they experience when they use your products or services. UX strategies help create coherent experiences across all the customer’s touchpoints. It comprises the plans and processes that would mold the design and development of your products.

Here are some tried and tested key steps for aligning your UX design with your business goals and, ultimately, building a strong UX portfolio and a successful company.

Define business goals and objectives

Your design team should be aware of the business goals and a perspective on the various requirements and needs that your product is going to address. …

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